Careers at Mazda

Welcome to our site for career and employment.
We were founded in Hiroshima, Japan in 1920 and now we are a multinational company under the influence of different cultures.

Our thinking

Within this dynamic organization, we want to encourage people to approach their tasks own attitude and entrepreneurial spirit. We want people to think creatively and achieve success through unexpected innovation. This is the foundation of our success - and when looking for new people to pursue a career at Mazda, these are some of the qualities we're looking for.
This unconventional thinking is evident in our cars. We do things in a different way, producing better cars causing conventional. Above all, we produce elegant, inspired by sports car that is fun to drive.
See how we defy convention .

Our people

Since we are an organization focused on customers, the opinions of our people are crucial to ensure that our cars and the services we provide include everything our customers want to experience excellent driving experience.
How are with us, we provide opportunities for growth and jobs in different locations. Negovac your skills and shaping them for success - then up to you depends on how far you get. If you are interested in working for car manufacturers, see career at Mazda.

Our Locations

We offer a lot of opportunities in the automotive sector throughout Europe. Our European sites include the national sales companies, distributors and three central organizations (our European headquarters, a center for research and development in Germany and the logistics center in Belgium). About 1400 people are employed in Mazda in Europe.

Challenges - how our history shapes the future

We mentioned our legacy of Hiroshima. It has given us a position, "we can do it" that allows us to succeed even when the odds are against us. Why not watch our video on how the spirit of Hiroshima prosecuted forward to this day?